The Fact Behind Using Dog Poop as Fertilizer

One of the problems that dog owners need to deal every time is disposing their dog’s poop. Getting rid of their pet’s waste is not as easy as it should be. In some parts of the world for instance, garbage collectors wouldn’t want to deal with dog’s waste as it can be messy. For some dog owners, disposing it on the toilet is a bad idea too as it has a lot of clench on it.

According to studies, unlike other animal’s manure, dog’s poop is not fit for the garden, which means, it’s not recommended as fertilizer. It is hazardous not just to your lawn but as well as to human’s health than be beneficial, because of its composition.

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Misconceptions about using dogs’ poop as fertilizer had been spreading for years already. A lot of people thought that just like cattle’s manure, the dogs’ waste could just be the same. The capability of an animal’s manure to be used as fertilizer depends on what they eat. As for cows for instance, they are good as fertilizers because they digest plant matter. As for dogs, they’re not as effective because of what they it. Some research says though that a dog’s poop could be used as fertilizer only if it would be composted with other materials. But then again, results are not just efficient.

So if you thought or have thought of using your dogs’ poop as fertilizer, better not pursue it anymore. You might just put your safety on a bad side. Enjoy your dog as your pet; let it not be the source of putting your health on risk.

As for proper disposal of your dog’s poop, you might just flush it on your toilet and just clean the area after. You might as well dig deep and dispose it there. After all, what matters is at the end of the day nobody will suffer from mistaken belief.

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